Thursday, August 1, 2013

Superhero Party!

My sweet boys are turning 4 this year and they are all about Superheroes.  They call each other "Batman" and "Superman."  I love watching their imaginary games that they both seem to know the unspoken rules for.  Twins are funny that way!  Sometimes I watch their little sister, who is 2 1/2, try to get in on the games.  She has to watch and just jump in there because they don't slow down to explain!

So, of course, we have to have a Superhero party!  Anyone who knows me knows that I like to go all out with decorating for their party every year.  I usually start months and months in advance so I feel a little behind this year.

Here's a little sneak peek of the party printables I'm working on!

One of my boys, Lincoln, saw me working on the art for these and saw the superhero with blond hair and said "Hey!  You're drawing me!"  Let me explain: He doesn't think that's him because of the blond hair, he thinks that's him because it looks like Batman, who he does think he looks like.  Seriously, this child wore a plastic Batman mask every day for months.  He would get all sweaty but refused to take it off unless it was bath time or bedtime.  He cracks me up!

Here's the invitation!  My Mom had all the kids in the family take pictures of the thing they were "into" at the moment.  The boys were super excited about posing with their capes and masks!

I'll keep you posted on when the party printable kit will be in the store.  An added bonus- it will EDITABLE

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