Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Superhero Party!

We had the boys superhero party last weekend and it was a blast!  This is the first time we haven't had their party at home so packing up all the decorations was a little new to me.  Thankfully, I didn't forget anything and the party went off without a hitch.

I really must say having a party at Gymboree Play & Music was so much fun.  Added bonus, I didn't have to be in charge, which meant I really got to play and be part of all the activities!

First, the decorations....
You'll notice that I like to purchase things for a party that I will be able to use else wear after the party is over.  This helps me sell hubby on spending the money. I like to be all "see how I saved us money- double use items."  Haha!

  • The polka dot backdrop is a vinyl tablecloth.  Now that the party's over I can use it on the table when we do crafts. 
  • The Happy Birthday sign is a print I made and had made into a reusable vinyl sticker.  It's now on the playroom wall.
  • The "Buildings" are dollar store crates with poster board taped inside.  The crates are now storing toys in the playroom.
  • Tablecloth, Napkins, & Paper Plates from Celebrate Express were so perfect!
  • The placemats, pinwheels, centerpieces, popcorn boxes, cupcake wrappers & toppers are all part of our Superhero Party Kit. :)

Everyone enjoying all the treats!

Lincoln & Nolan devoured the cupcakes, cake pops, and popcorn!

The kids had a blast with all the activities at Gymboree.  It was hard to get pics of these because they were all running around so fast half the pictures were blurry!

This activity was a real hit!  They had to climb the "tower" and rescue the kitties!

The kids loved the parachute games with these soft balls.  Of course, after this, a giant free-for-all of chasing each other and "zapping" each other with these ensued.  This was the activity that brought all the adults in.  We were throwing these at each other and ducking down like we didn't do it!  It was fun to see all the adults get silly and act like kids!

It was a great party and the best part was that the boys loved it!  That's all a Mommy wants to hear, "This was my best day ever!  I love you!"  Makes every minute of preparation worth it!

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