Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ahhh...the Memories..

Wow!  My twin babies Big Boys are 4 today!  Last night I got a little weepy about it.  I was looking at pictures when they were just 4 pound little babies.  We've come a long way!

Happy Birthday Lincoln & Nolan!

Last night I posted a quick pic on Facebook of their birthday breakfast table.
I got lots of texts and emails telling me that it was a great idea.  But, I must confess it wasn't my idea.  All credit goes to my Mom!  My Mom has always had a way of making every occasion a very special occasion.  We always had a special breakfast with a nice placemat and "the fancy dishes." There were always little gifts all around.  I remember sitting in the hallway on Christmas morning while she put the finishing touches on everything and then being "released" to run to the table.  I was just telling my husband this morning that the most wonderful joy of having children is getting to relive these feelings of excitement that we had as children.  As the boys were saying "Can we go now?  Can we go to the table?" I was flooded with my own childhood memories of that crazy-can't-sit-still-bursting with excitement.

Since I've become a Mom I've realized how much my Mom sacrificed and how much time she put into planning every event and every occasion.  But, more than that, I see how much love was behind everything she did.  Someday when my little girl is rolling her eyes at me or the boys are backtalking, or they are generally just being a teenagers I'm going to (first, have a good cry about "oh what happened to my sweet babies?"-haha) and then pray.  Pray that someday they will have children of their own so they can be the ones flooded with great childhood memories.  Here's to living every day to make a memory!

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