Monday, December 23, 2013

Oh Holy Night! Easy Nativity Scene

Several times during the year the kiddos and I visit and hand out little gifts to my husband's grandmother and the other residents at an assisted living facility.  Last year, the kids made door hangers out of melted beads for everyone.  This year I used my Nativity Clipart to create a scene and the kids helped put the pictures in frames.  I got 20 frames at dollar tree and I had the scenes printed at FedEx to save my ink at home, so all together the whole project cost $25.  But, the reactions of the residents and the wonderful conversations and interactions we had with everybody...priceless!  I enlisted my mother-in-law to help me manage my crew and I'm glad I did.  Every room we went in the kids were fascinated with every little trinket.  One lady had a dancing Frosty the Snowman.  Thought we would never get them out of there! Hahaha. One lady had all these little butterflies everywhere she had made and one of my boys said "These are sooo beautiful!"  She was beaming with pride.  Oh, it's no wonder that Jesus loved the little children so!

Made using Nativity Clipart
Mamaw & The Grant Crew
Nativity Clipart

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